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Book Review
Rebuilding a Layout from A - Z
Rebuilding a Layout from A to Z
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by: Frederick Boucher [ JPTRR ]

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RailRoad Modeling

Rebuilding a Layout from A to Z
Item: 12464
ISBN: 9780890248171
Type: Softcover
Pages: 104
Graphics: 300 color photos
Author: Pelle K. Søeborg

Follow Pelle Søeborg as he completely rebuilds his Daneville model railroad. He takes all the lessons learned from his first layout and applies them to this project. Using the latest materials and technology, modelers will learn valuable new techniques for benchwork, scenery, structures, and more from this popular expert. - Kalmbach

Pelle Søeborg amazed the model railroad community years ago with his Daneville and Donner River layout. It featured incredibly authentic Mojave desert scenery, painted trackwork, impressively weathered rolling stock, and detailed lineside detail. A typical model railroader, he finished it and then decided he could do better. Out came the wrecking tools and ‘hurricane Søeborg’ destroyed his model as surely as a hurricane in 1935 wiped out the Florida East Coast Railroad line down the Keys. Fortunately, Mr. Søeborg did not give up on his railroad. He rebuilt it and documented each step for us.

Reading through this book I found new ways of doing tried and true techniques and procedures. It also acquainted me with new products and materials. I am particularly intrigued by Mr. Søeborg’s way of making the huge photo backdrops. Another idea I haven’t run across before is his use of automotive sound deadening material under the track. Mr. Søeborg inspires me with the care he puts into his detail. He masked and painted all of the roadway markings!

Those are but a few ideas demonstrated in this book of clever ideas and excellent execution. While most methods have been around since the days of tin plate, the author updates them to modern methods. With great care and detail he writes clearly in an organized manner befitting a graphic designer – his day job!

Rebuilding a Layout from A to Z is a soft cover book of smooth quality paper. You are introduced to the subjects through 104 pages in 23 chapters and subsections. These are:

    The layout
    Building benchwork
    Laying track
    Creating scenery

      Streets and highways

      Photo backdrop

      Ballast & ground cover

      Grade crossings

      Telephone poles

      Road signs

    Adding structures
      Concrete trestle

      Highway bridge

      Tunnel portal

      Asphalt transfer terminal

      Best Deal Auto

      Laser kit homes

      Yard office

    Organizing wiring
    List of materials
    About the author

Each effect and technique is described in detail. Most narratives are easy to follow, even the procedures that use electronics. The authors do a good job of guiding you through their procedure.

The book is well illustrated with color photographs, color artwork, and line art. Each chapter starts with a subject header photo of the complete scene, followed by in-progress pictures. This greatly inspires me to try the effect as well as supports the text.

Rebuilding a Layout from A to Z is full of great ideas. It is well written. I appreciate the how-to steps and documentation. The illustrations and photographic support is excellent.

This is a great resource for inspiring and instructing modelers of all genres in starting or renovating layouts and dioramas. I happily recommend this book.

We thank Kalmbach Publishing Co. for kindly providing this book for review. Please remember, when contacting retailers or manufacturers, to mention that you saw their products highlighted here – on RailRoadModeling.

Scanned photos copyright © 2012 Kalmbach Publishing Co., used with permission.
Highs: It is well written. The illustrations and photographic support is excellent.
Lows: Only nitpicky items.
Verdict: This is a great resource for inspiring and instructing modelers of all genres in starting or renovating layouts and dioramas.
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  Mfg. ID: ISBN: 9780890248171
  Suggested Retail: $21.95
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  PUBLISHED: Aug 04, 2012

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