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Military figures of all shapes and sizes.
Dragon's "Axis Forces Balkans 1943.
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Indiana, United States
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Posted: Sunday, February 28, 2010 - 12:46 AM UTC

Russ Amott reviews Dragon Model''s ""Fragile Alliance" Axis Forces Balkans 1943."

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Dublin, Ireland
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Posted: Sunday, February 28, 2010 - 08:13 AM UTC
Good review Russ.
I see that there are some crazing lines on the upper torsos i think it's something to do with shrinkage as the parts cool. You only see them on DML figures though maybe it's the plastic they use.

It looks like a versatile set and if I see it in my LHS I'll pick it up
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Utah, United States
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Posted: Sunday, February 28, 2010 - 11:22 AM UTC
Thanks, Pat. I had wondered about those. I agree, DML figures are the only ones I have seen so far that have had them. Shaun, thanks for getting this posted.

I do have one correction to add. These are not "Generation 1" figures. That was my mistake. I was trying to state that while they are not "Generation 2" figures, the molding quality was, in my opinion, very well defined and about the best I have seen in plastic figures. These figures are part of the '39-'45 series.
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South Carolina, United States
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Posted: Monday, March 01, 2010 - 06:31 PM UTC
Nice review. The set looks nice and offers a great deal of potential...I already have a few ideas. The focus figure to me has to be the Italian soldier and his posturing. I'd probably use him as a translator/mediator between a group of Germans and Italian civilians. I have some other figures that would go well with this idea. The rest of the set's figures could easily find homes with other ideas.
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Cosenza, Italy
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Posted: Saturday, March 06, 2010 - 03:04 AM UTC
I love this set, thanks for the review. The gesture is actually quite rude (Literally "Get yourself ****ed in the ***" - you do the math!) and quite common in this part of the world. As far as I'm concerned the Italian and SS NCO make a good vignette; the other two have nice relaxed poses for any situation.
But one can easily imagine the Italian and a civilian fellow countryman argueing at some sort of traffic situation.
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Ain, France
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Posted: Sunday, March 07, 2010 - 04:46 AM UTC
I'd rework the middle finger of the Italian's fist
The German eating an apple looks pretty good too.
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Utah, United States
Joined: December 14, 2007
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Posted: Wednesday, May 05, 2010 - 03:03 PM UTC
I've begun assembing the other figures of this set. Fit of legs to torsos is very good, with only some slight filling needed on the NCO and the guy with the cans. I'll have to touch up the boots as seams and stitching were slightly damaged by mold seam removal. It is like touching up panel lines and rivets on airplanes. I'll post photos showing the figures soon.