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2004 Campaigns
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Alberta, Canada
Joined: January 03, 2003
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Posted: Friday, September 26, 2003 - 09:58 AM UTC
Where are we with the 2004 campaings? I think Market-Garden was approved for Dioramas. Has anything else been approved? I was thinking that as next year is the 60th anniversary of D-Day, we could do a sixth campaign this year. One that includes each of the five major focus areas; seeing as D-Day was a combined arms operation. Comments for or against?
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Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
Joined: May 22, 2002
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Posted: Friday, September 26, 2003 - 10:05 AM UTC

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I think Market-Garden was approved for Dioramas

No, no.... I'm still working on the rules and regulations. After that I'll send an request for approvel to the Campaign Central Command bij email. Then it's up to them whether or not to approve it. So the idea is there, but I havn't requested it so far.

Besides that Jim and Gunnie are thinking about how to take the Campaigns into the year 2004. There was a post on that matter some days ago, where Jim asked us fellow modelers how they thought on the Campaigns. The outcome of that 'survey" will probably answer your questions. I think we need just a bit more patience to give Jim and Gunnie time to make some good decisions.
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United Kingdom
Joined: June 11, 2003
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Posted: Friday, September 26, 2003 - 10:33 AM UTC
Hi there

While I agree with Danny that we should let the dust settle a bit on the whole issue of Campaigns, I agree with Michael that it would be great to have future Campaigns encompass as many branches of modelling as possibe.

All the best

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Virginia, United States
Joined: December 13, 2002
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Posted: Friday, September 26, 2003 - 10:59 AM UTC
Though I agree that the a D-Day campaign will be real Important to history and D-Day will need to be comemorated in some way, I gave have to agree with Merlin on this one. Besides I think I need to look into what's available for D-Day. The AA kit I wanted for my Dio will have to wait for awhile (wanting to save money, and AA pushed its release back to December now!) But those are personal reasons. I think our biggest thing with this is the current Forum thread on campaigns. When this is sorted out we can look Forward to this Idea as a campaign. BTW would it start on the 5th of June with the British command parachuting to france to take key bridges, or on the 6th the day of the actual landings? Oh well I'm in for ot if it actually gets started. STUG
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Donegal, Ireland
Joined: May 14, 2002
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Posted: Friday, September 26, 2003 - 11:08 AM UTC

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I think Market-Garden was approved for Dioramas.

Just some info. "Operation cover-up" has been approved and will run nov. 5th to feb. 1st 2004. This is a dio campaign. It already has been set up and enlisting volunteers in the campaign folder.

I too would like to join in on this campaign when approved, but would hope it takes place after the present campaign. Other than that,... its looking good!