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Pietro Balloni - Profile of a Master Painter

Pegaso figures sculpted by Pietro…

Pegaso Models 54-134 “Celtic warrior, 4th century BC”

  • 54-076 Italian Knight end of XIII c.
  • 54-077 European Knight end of XIII c.
  • 54-084 Tuscan Knight 1280
  • 54-085 Siennese Knight 1280
  • 54-086 Florentine Knight 1280
  • 54-097 Central Italian Knight with flag. 1340-50
  • 54-098 Central Italian Knight. 1290-1320
  • 54-116 St. John Order Knight, second half XIII c.
  • 54-117 St. John Order Knight with flag, first half XIII c.
  • 54-132 Celtic Chieftain, second half of 6th century BC
  • 54-133 Celtic standard-bearer, 1st century BC
  • 54-163 Celtic Warrior of Hallstat period, VI c.
  • 54-165 Celtic Warrior, La Tene period

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About Rudi Richardson (Tarok)

I'm a former Managing Editor of the Historicus Forma historical figure modelling website. While my modelling and history interests are diverse, my main figure modelling focus lies in Sci-Fi, Pop-Culture, Fantasy, Roman and WW2 German subjects. I'm a firm believer that armour and vehicles accessorise...


Thankyou Mr. Balloni. Very nice article.
OCT 06, 2006 - 04:14 AM
Very nice, and he certainly does excellent work.
OCT 06, 2006 - 08:36 PM
Talking with Pietro balloni is even better than reading his interview. A great painter but above all a great character . Thanks for the interview Pietro
OCT 08, 2006 - 09:00 PM
An interesting insight into your work Pietro Thank you
OCT 09, 2006 - 02:12 AM
Just got back home from a wonderful week in Italy with Pietro Balloni and it was so good to see this article. I can say he is a very very very good friend that can be described in words besides being an incredible painter...Thanks for the article Fratello mio
OCT 12, 2006 - 04:06 PM