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Luca Marchetti: Profession Grand Master

If you could paint or sculpt a figure of any person or character, whom or what would it would be?

The next project naturally!!!!

In recent years, there has been a predominance of painting in acrylics. Do you agree and why?

When I started painting I used Humbrols. Then I discovered the technique of acrylic paints as described above. At that time, most of the artists were using oils. I was one of the few that used to enter figures at Shows solely painted with acrylics. Then finally the Spaniards arrived (in particular Gamarra) who started displaying their figures at shows painted in acrylics. It is a normal tendency in the creative world that people start following and imitating the styles and techniques of the winners and in turn the followers soon develop new trends and fashions in the hobby. Due to the success enjoyed by painters using acrylics at international shows, a lot of aspiring figure painters converted from oils to acrylics. Today I believe there has been a shift back between the two mediums – back to a healthy equilibrium – there are painters who use both oils and acrylics even managing to combine these two techniques.

I do not believe that one technique or medium is superior but rather both techniques are valid provided they are used correctly. Provided the artist always has in mind what they are trying to represents, for example, silk is more shiny than wool, flesh has a ruddy and life-like aspect to it, leather has an oily/satin finish, wool is more coarse etc.

The point is this – it is not the paint/medium itself.

Figure modelling “no no’s”

A figure modeler must never believe they have learnt everything. People must not be envious of other people’s work. One can admire and be inspired by other people’s work but never envious thereof.

To criticize the work of another without having the necessary experience or character traits to do so – critique must not be delivered in an arrogant fashion but rather in a constructive way. But also modelers should be able to receive the sincere advice and constructive criticism in the correct spirit.

Basically the happiness and aim of every true figure painter should not be to become the best painter but rather to experience enjoyment and fulfillment which should emerge from the painting and/or sculpting of one’s latest project.

Figure Modelling secret

Secrets? I have never had any secrets with regards to my painting or sculpting techniques. In fact, for many years we have hosted painters and sculptors at our studio explaining and instructing them in our techniques.

Luca’s last figure (2001)

Ed: We would like to thank Luca for spending a few moments of his time with us, and letting us into his world. Now please turn to pages 6 and 7 to see a few of Luca’s amazing historical miniature masterpieces.

Ed: Please note that all images are used with the kind permission of Pegaso Models.

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First of all,as a member of Historicus Forma; I am proud to see very good articles in our website. We absolutely reached the quality of well known monthly magazines with our useful modeling-painting articles and interviews with the best names of the modeling world. This article is FANTASTIC..thanks a lot to all who gave time and effort to bring it to HFM because I think all modelers should know him not only with the great sculpts and paintworks in his career but also with his personality. Having the chance to know him closer; I can say he is really a perfect professional on his job and a perfect friend. I am so happy to call him Fratello mio.
DEC 10, 2006 - 04:40 PM
Excellent interview. I enjoyed reading about one of my favorite sculpters. I probably have more Pegaso figures than any other brand. Thanks Luca for bringing us these fine quality figures. Keep up the great work. Guy Planetfigure
DEC 10, 2006 - 05:10 PM
Reviews like this one make Historicus Forma a top site indeed. Keep up the good work guys. Xenofon
DEC 10, 2006 - 09:23 PM
Fantastic work, mates! A great read, great feature, and a job well done by all. . . Congratulations to all involved in the production, thanks for the experience!! ~Gunny
DEC 10, 2006 - 11:03 PM
I for one am truly inspired when reading such a article as this one,well done HFM staff.
DEC 11, 2006 - 01:19 AM
Great feature, great interview and fantastic work !!!! This Q&A will be hard to top !!! It is very nice to know alittle bit more about such a fantastic Artist !!! Perfect !!! Cheers, Markus
DEC 11, 2006 - 01:59 AM
It was really a big pleasure to know Mr. Luca Marchetti better. I enjoyed the feature. Thanks for according his time for us and congratulations to HFM staff for bringing these great articles here to us.
DEC 13, 2006 - 02:22 PM