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Jagdpanther with Guts

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These are pics of the final product of a project started under the WWII Panther Tanks campaign but did not have enough time to finish by the deadline, as this project took more hours than initially anticipated. So, I thought I would share the final build pics here as a photo feature.

Dragon Models Late Production JagdPanther (Kit #6393) with CMK's JagdPanther Driver's Set (#3085), Interior Set (#3084) and Panther Ausf. G Engine Set (#3136) along with LionRoar's JagdPanther Late photo-etch detail set (LAS35016). While the LionRoar set comes with a nicely detailed aluminum and photo-etched brass barrel set I opted for Barrel Depot's since it mated with the Dragon Models mantlet and CMK resin gun easier and without much modification.

Interior colors include Vallejo Model Air Aged White (71.132) and Model Color Burnt Red (70.814) while exterior colors are Tamiya XF-60, 61, and 64. Tracks are Magic Track from the kit and are primed and then sprayed with Alcad II Steel and then washed with AK Interactive Earth Effects enamel and then dry brushed with Testors Chrome Silver enamel. Final weathering was accomplished with MiG Productions pigments. The 8.8cm rounds are from AFV Club and are finished in Alcad II Polished Brass.

Markings and painting guide are from the Dragon Models kit and according to the instructions this particular model depicts a Jagdpanther from s.H.Pz.Jg.Abt.654 serving in the Alsace-Lorraine area of France in 1944.

Overall, the project took approximately 130 hours as this was my first attempt at a full interior. While very tedious, and I did hit a few walls along the way, overall this was a very enjoyable project and I am currently thinking about which German WWII interior to tackle next.
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About the Author

About Len (AnalogKid)

I have been modeling on and off for nearly 40 years primarily in the military aircraft and armor genres with some dabbling in sci-fi as well. I also like to play with trains...3-rail O-gauge in particular. I am retired from the US Air Force and settled down in San Antonio, Texas which has allowed me...


Gerald…thanks for the clarification. To be fair to wiki…and I fully realize it is only a starting point and not the authority…it does mention that externally bolted mantlets were seen on late G1 models. So, this kit, as built, is more of a mid version than a true late version. Which means that France in ‘44 is probably accurate. One of the key benefits of this hobby is learning while you are building…and even more so when you share on the interwebs! I strive for accuracy but never lose focus of the reasons I’m doing this – fun, enjoyment, and relaxation. -Len
JUL 13, 2015 - 04:38 PM
Excellent build - love the interior. It will be an inspiration for me for some future (distant) build! And I don't think that the amount of wear and weathering on the vehicle is unrealistic. Certainly if the vehicle has been in combat and subjected to shrapnel from artillery bursts, small arms fire or near misses from larger caliber rounds, you would expect to see some damage to the paint and a fair amount of chipping. So the amount of wear portrayed, to me, is a function of the service history of the vehicle, not just a reflection of the amount of time it has been in operation.
JUL 13, 2015 - 05:22 PM
Awesome build!
JUL 13, 2015 - 09:57 PM
How did you achieve the faded paint scheme? White Oils? Washes? It's very easy on the eye and realistic!
JUL 13, 2015 - 09:58 PM
Thanks guys for the continued positive feedback...very much appreciated. Marco: Thanks for the compliment. I utilized two filters: The first being a Sin Industries enamel filter, specifically P242 - Tan for Tritonal Camo (dark orange/rust in color) and then applied white oil dots (after a protective layer of acrylic varnish) as a paint fading filter. Black oil pin washes followed and then on to the paint chipping and other final effects. -Len
JUL 14, 2015 - 02:55 AM
Got it, thanks AnalogKid. I'm still a newbie to this hobby, even though I have been at it for about 10 years (on an off) lol I've been using white washes a little heavy on colors to create that faded look, however, your model looks like it was evenly spread out, making it more realistic and awesome
JUL 14, 2015 - 06:22 AM
Fantastic job buddy, I think you got every detail bang on. Well done.
JUL 14, 2015 - 08:20 PM
Very nice job indeed, very respectful
JUL 15, 2015 - 08:14 AM
me like!
JUL 15, 2015 - 03:22 PM
Outstanding job!
JUL 18, 2015 - 11:14 PM