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  Ontario, Canada

Occupation: welder
Interests: MODEL BUILDING!!! fine scale modeler model railroader railroad model craftsman truck model world
Username: bubbamodelfreak


About bubbamodelfreak
well iam a model nut plain and simple i have built many models over my life some i still have others i don't ( when your kid u tend to break things) my fist model was a set my mom and dad bought me a 56 vet and i think the other was a f-100 round nose ford pick up. since then i moved up to war hammer figures and Gundam models, i had once built a F16E with my dad i built and the titanic by myself. over the last 8 years i have gotten into trains as a (model railroader hobbyist ) but again i dont have the space to build a layou so i just grab what ever models i can get , as well i have built more gundam kits a few cars a m60 tank and the 1/35 scale M353A4 from the 8th mobile suit team show. i don't have time as i use to i have a girlfriend and dog ( a 1 year old beagle named Harley) so my time is more for them but over the last 2 going on 3 years i have bought up some kits to work mostly car kits as well as tools. see i dont have the space most of u do cause i still live at home ( it sucks trust me) so most of my model building has been to just buying kits for a later date. my main focus right now is buying kits and the tools i need. at least it will keep me form going crazy iam looking at getting to more kits i have haven't built to many of like more aircraft , army Vehicles, ships and sci if and other mecha kits.

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